Swab, Inc. has Transitioned 100% to the Marine Industry

To All It May Concern,

I just wanted to post to everyone listening  that I have decided to transition out of the home painting business.  I will be focusing on marine work particualy bright work and teak refinishing.  In addition,  Swab, Inc. will offer consultation services regarding the use of these great linseed oil products that I’ve been using for the last ten plus years.  I’ve also had some great success with design and production of live edge tables, please take a look!  Thank you to all that I’ve worked for in the home painting industry I wouldn’t have  made it to this point if it wasn’t for you!  Now its time to cast off the dock lines and sail to a new course.  See you at the waters edge!

Warm Regards,

Marc Luebstorff


New Oil Varnish Testing

About three months age I found a oil varnish that was very similar in process and application to the Linseed oil varnish I was accustomed to using.  To date the pieces that I’ve tested on our boat look great with no deterioration!  The look is beautiful and rich with a very nice shine.  Recently I brought a client to my boat to show him the two different kinds of oil varnish that I’ve tested and he chose the Deks Olji.   Here is a link to the customer test Swab, Inc. was featured in on the Owatrol USA website.

Porch Railing Oil Varnished

I’m experimenting with Deks Olje a oil varnish to our pressure treated porch railing.  The front of our house is a western exposure in Washington, D.C., very bright!  The system is identical to my linseed oil system also a oil varnish.  The best attribute of a oil varnish is that it won’t peel or crack.  It just wares off over time thus leaving the future maintenance relatively easy and low cost!  I applied six coats to achieve a nice depth of finish.  Time will tell but I’m anticipating three to five years before maintenance is required.  The maintenance is basically cleaning and re-coating a few more times.  Low cost given you start with the right system.  Enhance the curb appeal of your home enhance your exterior wood work/bright work/furniture.

Call for an appointment today,

Marc (585) 313-4950

Sailboat Teak Floor Panels Oil Varnished

I’m experimenting with Deks Olje a oil varnish on our 1981 O’Day sailboat teak floor panels.  I used the whole Deks Olje system starting with the cleaner then the D.1 and ending with the D.2 the oil varnish.  The panels were in pretty good shape they just needed a few repairs, cleaning and varnishing.  I applied six coats of oil varnish to the panels.  This varnish is not a film forming varnish so six coats is a good number of coats to achieve nice depth.  The varnish does not peel or crack leaving maintenance easier just clean and re-coat.  The varnish went on great no sanding and it looks really great!  My boat was built in 1981 look at those floor panels!

This is a relatively inexpensive process to clean up the teak and bright work on your boat.  Willing to travel for the right project.

Call for an appointment today,

Marc (585) 313-4950.

Table Restorations

I received this old side table to be restored and refinished.  It was in pieces needing new connecting doweling pegs to be able to put it back together.  The finish was very dull and dirty.  After cleaning all the pieces I proceeded to put it back together.  The patina that came through after cleaning was very interesting.  Once I applied the first coat of linseed oil and tung oil the piece came alive!  Will update with a final photo once finishing is completed.  So if you have an old piece in the attic or basement don’t hesitate to revive it, give me a call to schedule.  Marc (585) 313-4950

Teak flagpole and ladder steps oil varnished


I’m experimenting with Deks Olje a oil varnish on my teak flag pole and ladder steps.  I removed the old varnish and preped the pieces using the cleaner, D.1 and D.2 the oil varnish.  I put six coats of oil varnish on for maximum longevity.  No job is to small!  My next project is refinishing teak floor boards for a thirty foot O’Day.   I left these pieces out to gage how they hold up over time.  The before shot of the flag pole shows just four months of exposure in the harsh marine environment.  My method works and will provide years of durability with less work down the road.  You can check out my boat at slip E-15. So far one month in the elements on our boat , the pieces look great!

Swab, Inc. Transitions business to focus on Maine bright work and teak refinishing on the shores of the Chesapeake

Just a few days ago I transitioned Swab, Inc. Into the marine industry focusing on bright work and teak refinishing.  I will be using products and techniques I have developed over the years on fine wood projects. Now I’m taking my knowledge and passion to the marine industry. As a boat owner at Herrington Harbour North I know there is nothing like the pride of ownership and wanting the best for your investment. My system is virtually dustless and requires minimal sanding, if any at all.  The linseed oil products I use are made to penetrate the wood, providing many years of protection.  The varnish is a marine-grade oil varnish and the nice thing about it is that it is a non film forming varnish, which means it soaks into the wood. Plus the maitanance down the road is far less than all other products on the market.  Give me a call to discuss your next project!

Cedar Railing Treated With Linseed Oil Varnish

This railing was a good example of how my system of finishing can bring back a relatively new cedar railing to life.  There was a lot of black mold and pollution/oxidation all over each section of railing.  I cleaned the railing with linseed oil soap which I made.  The soap works great cleaning all the mold and oxidation off bringing back the cedars natural color. The railings were then coated with a raw linseed oil and then three coated with a linseed oil marine grade varnish.   The end result came out great!

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