Handmade Liquid Soap

After years of using linseed oil soap I’ve developed my own line of this great soap!  Lynn-Sea linseed oil soap is made from the finest ingredients; organic flaxseed oil, purified water and lye thats it.  I’ve started making small batches and now offer an (8) ounce bottle for $10.00 and a 750ml glass bottle with a nice pour spout for $28.00 both available for pick-up only.  The third pay portal includes shipping plus two eight ounce bottles of soap this is for shipping only.  Please check out the payment portal below.  The method of payment is through PayPal for a secure and safe transaction.  You don’t have to have a Paypal account to use this payment portal.  If you live in Rochester, New York and its surrounding counties I can arrange for safe pick-up.  Please email me at swabincdc@gmail.com for all logistics and if you bought the shipping option, I’ll need your name and address to ship!  Thank you for considering this great soap!

Linseed oil soap has many uses and I’ve found that it is a great boat soap for cleaning your teak, deck and interior of your vessel.  I’ve used this soap to clean everything in my house as well.  Its great on all woodwork, floors, fine furniture, shower, exterior of your home, decks fences, etc.  Flax seed oil is the main ingredient in the soap containing omega 3,6 and 9 fatty acids which are very nice on your skin.  I’ve been shaving with it for years and my wife loves it too!  Now during the Covid-19 pandemic of 2020 its been especially nice to wash your hand with.  No matter how many times you wash them your hands will clean, feel great and never dried out!

Lynn-Sea Linseed Oil Soap

Handmade linseed oil soap. This is a liquid soap made from organic flax seed oil, purified water and lye. For all your personal, home and boat cleaning needs! Very nice for washing your hands and much more. Bottle size (8) ounces. Pick-up only in Rochester New York. Please contact me for arrangements at swabincdc@gmail.com, thank you.


Lynn-Sea Linseed Oil Soap

750ml glass bottle with a nice spout! For pick-up only in Rochester, New York. Please email me at swabincdc@gmail.com to arrange logistics. Thank you for purchasing this great soap! Best, Marc


Lynn-Sea Linseed Oil Soap

Two (8) ounce bottle for $20.00 plus shipping in the US for $10.85 for a total of $30.85. The shipping cost reflect USPS 3Day Ground. Please email me your name and address for shipping in the US at swabincdc@gmail.com. Thank you, Marc


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