Porch Railing Oil Varnished

I’m experimenting with Deks Olje a oil varnish to our pressure treated porch railing.  The front of our house is a western exposure in Washington, D.C., very bright!  The system is identical to my linseed oil system also a oil varnish.  The best attribute of a oil varnish is that it won’t peel or crack.  It just wares off over time thus leaving the future maintenance relatively easy and low cost!  I applied six coats to achieve a nice depth of finish.  Time will tell but I’m anticipating three to five years before maintenance is required.  The maintenance is basically cleaning and re-coating a few more times.  Low cost given you start with the right system.  Enhance the curb appeal of your home enhance your exterior wood work/bright work/furniture.

Call for an appointment today,

Marc (585) 313-4950

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