SWAB, Inc. is a professional painting and finishing company specializing in chemical-free, eco-friendly products that far out perform off-the-shelf paints and varnishes. I operated  for ten years in Rochester, NY, and before moving to Washington, D.C. After a full season on the Chesapeake, I’ve discovered that the products I trusted for a Frank Lloyd Wright House, the Lake Hotel in Yellowstone and other high-end jobs, work magic in the harsh marine environment. I’ve expanded my business to include bright work & teak on boats and other residential areas that take a beating from the hot, southern sun including  finishing & preserving decks, fences and indoor/outdoor furniture.  SWAB, Inc. offers  a superior approach for all your wood refinishing needs. Our method is proven to work and uses all natural linseed oil products and other fine, natural, marine grade varnishes, pine tar and waxes.