Linseed oil soap project

I bought these great old shutters that will work as window screens. To say the least these shutters were in need of a deep clean. Perfect project for the linseed oil soap I make! I have a bucket of hot water to wring the rag out, and I put a small amount of soap inContinue reading “Linseed oil soap project”

Window Restoration Steps

The photos in this post show a project I’ve been working on over this winter. It’s an old school in Hemlock NY now converted to Little Lakes Community Center. I’ve been tasked with restoring all the windows, window frames and doors. This batch of photos shows the weathered windows being worked on step by stepContinue reading “Window Restoration Steps”

Linseed oil paint on glass cleanup

When you use linseed oil paint on windows you are rehabilitating you should paint onto the glass past the new linseed oil putty. This ensures a good seal of the newly repaired window. This short video shows how I clean up that line of paint to the glass. Hold a long scraper to the newContinue reading “Linseed oil paint on glass cleanup”

Linseed oil putty prep

Here is a short video showing how I prep the new tub of linseed oil putty prior to use. I do this because the oil within the putty settle to the bottom of the tub of putty. Making the bottom layer of putty to sticky to use. So I remove all the contents of aContinue reading “Linseed oil putty prep”

Steps to window repair

This post is a number of small videos showing the different steps involved with redoing a old window. I’m using the linseed oil method. First I remove all the glazing that is loose then is apply shellac to the rabbits. I bed the rabbit with glazing and install the new window. I paint the oldContinue reading “Steps to window repair”

Linseed oil paint and varnish projects 2021

I haven’t posted to my blog in a while. Ever since the move back to Rochester New York I’ve been working on painting and finishing projects using linseed oil paint and varnishes for the most part. These products work very well with the thought of longevity and beauty in mind. Here are a few photosContinue reading “Linseed oil paint and varnish projects 2021”

Old school window and door project

I’ve been working on a window and door project for the Little Lakes Community Center in Hemlock, NY. The windows are very rough with most of the gazing falling out. This winter I’ve been removing windows and working on them at my shop. Here are a few photos showing the progression from start to finish.Continue reading “Old school window and door project”

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