Sailboat Teak Floor Panels Oil Varnished

I’m experimenting with Deks Olje a oil varnish on our 1981 O’Day sailboat teak floor panels.  I used the whole Deks Olje system starting with the cleaner then the D.1 and ending with the D.2 the oil varnish.  The panels were in pretty good shape they just needed a few repairs, cleaning and varnishing.  I applied six coats of oil varnish to the panels.  This varnish is not a film forming varnish so six coats is a good number of coats to achieve nice depth.  The varnish does not peel or crack leaving maintenance easier just clean and re-coat.  The varnish went on great no sanding and it looks really great!  My boat was built in 1981 look at those floor panels!

This is a relatively inexpensive process to clean up the teak and bright work on your boat.  Willing to travel for the right project.

Call for an appointment today,

Marc (585) 313-4950.

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