Black walnut coffee table

I Just finished making this beautiful black walnut coffee table it really came out great! What an addition to our living room! I finished it with raw linseed oil and linseed oil wax. I have many unique cuts of this first generation tree possibly one would be perfect for your home! Call Marc at (585)313-4950.


Cedar deck finished with pine tar and raw linseed oil

Beautiful cedar deck was originally finished with an acrylic deck varnish. It didn’t even last one year there was a total failure.  I had to sand the entire deck to remove the residual finish. I finished and preserved the deck with a combination of raw linseed oil and pine tar.  These products penitrate the wood and aren’t a film forming finish that just lies on top of the wood.  This deck is now headed in the right direction for a long life.  


Pressure treated deck cleaned with linseed oil soap and finished with organic raw linseed oil

IMG_2377 IMG_2378 IMG_2381Preserve and protect your old pressure treated deck with linseed oil!  This deck was cleaned with linseed oil soap (no pressure washer).  Then finished with organic purified raw linseed oil!

Pressure treated railing finished with Linseed oil varnish!

This pressure treated railing was dried out and the acrylic stain that was on it had failed plus the wood warped.  I remove the old layer of stain with my in fared paint remover then oiled the wood with raw organic linseed oil and finished it with linseed oil varnished. over a year later it still looks great. The longevity of this finish is well over ten years!! Unheard of in direct sunlight.FullSizeRender-2 FullSizeRender-3 FullSizeRender IMG_1680 IMG_1681

Old windows rejuvenated with Allback Organic linseed oil paint!

I started to redo the windows on this beautiful, early 1900s row house in NW Washington, D.C. using chemical-free, organic Allback linseed oil paint and products! The windows are in rough shape with most of the old paint and glazing coming. The wood is very dried out – something the raw linseed oil can help reverse when applied after the prep work. One advantage of using the Allback putty for re-glazing the windows is that you paint right away and don’t need to allow for dry time. The putty is also used to fill gaps and defects in the wood. Here are some before, after prep phase, and finished painted photos. More to come as this project progresses!                                   

Refinishing decks with pine tar and raw linseed oil is a supier way to preserve your deck using chemical-free products that were meant for wood. No need to power wash, which puts too much water into the wood and ultimately damages when finished with acrylic products that trap the moisture inside, creating mold and rot. My method is to first clean the deck with linseed oil soap, then apply the raw linseed oil and pine tar mixture. One coat is usually one coat is enough. This works best when the deck has not been previously painted or stained prior. Light sanding may be required to allow the products to fully penetrate into wood.


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