The Power of Lynn-Sea Soap Cleaning!

I thought I’d show again the great cleaning abilities of my natural Linseed oil soap. What’s better on a hot day than to clean the back deck getting it ready to seal. You can see from the photo the powerful cleaning action of this great soap! I just used a deck brush a hose andContinue reading “The Power of Lynn-Sea Soap Cleaning!”

Cockpit Table Refinish Project For A Catalina 42′

Since my work has come to a halt due to Covid-19 I decided to start the teak refinishing on our Catalina 42′.  I wanted to show how I start a project and keep track of my time to show an accurate time frame and cost involved.  Starting with the cockpit table I removed it fromContinue reading “Cockpit Table Refinish Project For A Catalina 42′”

Lynn-Sea Linseed Oil Soap

I wanted to make a new post showing everyone that I can sell my handmade soap right here on my Blog!  The soap has many uses one of which is washing your hands.  During this pandemic we are all washing our hands so frequently and how nice is it to use a soap that doesn’tContinue reading “Lynn-Sea Linseed Oil Soap”

Clean Your Hands with Handmade Linseed Oil Soap

In the trying times of Covid-19 we are washing our hands more than ever.  I wanted to let people now how nice my handmade linseed oil soap is to clean your hands with.  I make this liquid soap with the finest ingredients; organic food grade flaxseed oil and purified water.  My wife and I haveContinue reading “Clean Your Hands with Handmade Linseed Oil Soap”

Lyn Sea Linseed Oil Soap Cleaning

Here is another fine example of how my handmade linseed oil soap can clean your family heirlooms.  My mom sent me this photo showing how nice her dinning room set came out after using my soap.  After filling a bucket about a quarter full of water she added just a small amount of soap.  UsingContinue reading “Lyn Sea Linseed Oil Soap Cleaning”

Handmade Soap

I just made a small batch of my linseed oil soap.  I wanted to show some phases that the soap goes through its interesting to see the reaction take place.  In addition, I wanted to let people know how nice this soap is for washing your hands.  Being made from flaxseed oil and purified waterContinue reading “Handmade Soap”

Black Walnut Side Table

Natural Edge Tables Just finished this great new live edge side table made from black walnut.  The grain is like looking at a painting of a volcano I called this piece “Fuji”.  This would be a great addition to a foyer under a coat rack or a hallway table with a vase and flowers!  TheContinue reading “Black Walnut Side Table”

Classic Aldin Boothbay Challenger’s brightwork finished with Deks Olje

I refinished the bright work on this classic sailboat three years ago using the Decks Olje D1 and D2 varnish. After three years the finish was still in tact on the majority of the teak. Most areas were very good. I cleaned with the deck cleaner and coated with two coats of the D2.

Classic pure linseed oil varnish for Galley counter

This is a great example of a classic sailboats galley counter refinished with a pure linseed oil varnish. Where food is prepared I like to use a varnish with no chemicals in it especially thinners. The counter had deep water spots so I used my graining trick pure Shellac I mixed myself. The shellac isContinue reading “Classic pure linseed oil varnish for Galley counter”

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