Paint your baby’s nursery with organic non chemical paint. 

I painted this baby’s room with organic linseed oil paint.  When it comes to your children you should consider what your putting on their  



 walls.  Acrylic paint is in essence plastic and it off gasses throughout the whole time it is on your walls. Your baby deserves better, paint with a paints that don’t  have chemicals.  Natural paints are the way to go.  Call Swab, Inc. For an appointment today. 

Marine applications for the teak on your boat







 The teak on this sailboat was very weathered and the varnish had failed.  The old varnish is a film forming varnish that has a short life.  I cleaned the wood with linseed oil soap and removed the remaining old varnish.  I inpregnated the teak with raw linseed oil and then applied three coats of linseed oil varnish.  Linseed oil varnish is meant to penetrate  the wood and it is not film forming. This promotes a long life with minimal maintanance over the years. Notice I said years!  Swab, Inc. is transitioning into boat bright work and wood refinishing. Call today for an appointment (585)313-4950 ask for Marc. 


Historic preservation of a 1890’s window

This historic window was brought back to life.  I believe the window dates back to this hitoric row house from 1890. The window was basically ready to fall apart. I removed the sashes and removed all the paint and glass. I noticed that there was only three originally Paines of glass and my friend Daniel supplied and cut the correct vintage glass. The sashes were oiled with organic raw linseed oil and the rabbits coated with shalac. This is done to keep the putty from drying out. I back bedded and reset all the glass and painted the sashes with organic linseed oil paint. This paint and glazing is far superior than acrylic paint and chemically produced glazing. Best of all they are historically correct. 


New Etsy page: NaturalEdgeTables

Newly opened Etsy store listed under: NaturalEdgeTables

Beautiful, live-edge, black walnut coffee tables finished with organic, raw linseed oil and linseed oil wax. Currently ten pieces available.

While searching for the perfect table for my living room, my wife and I just weren’t finding the right thing. Everything we saw either was outrageously expensive or looked like it was made in a soulless factory. Then one day when in the workshop of a longtime friend and master woodworker, I saw a beautiful slice of black walnut. I knew instantly, that was our table. I had so much fun making it – sanding it to perfection, finishing it with organic, chemical-free linseed oil products I’ve used in my home painting and finishing business for years – that I decided to make them for others. Everyone who comes over loves our coffee and end tables so much. They are an instant conversation piece and a source of pride for me and my wife.

Some of the pieces aren’t yet finished – I’m adding photos and updating the site as I finish tables, but you can get a good idea of available shapes and sizes. I hope you see something you like!

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