Linseed Oil Soap!!

I’ve started to make linseed oil soap!  This soap could almost be called a “one for all soap” including great for shaving and shower.  Linseed oil soap is made from purified raw flaxseed oil “linseed oil”, distilled water and lye all natural ingredients!  I’ve been testing making this soap and plan on selling  small samples of it starting this year.   The soap works great as a boat soap and cleaning your grayed out Teak.  Here is a short video on cleaning your Teak.   I’ve been working on names and the video depicts one example. ​

Completed 2nd phase of S2 11 Meter bright work

I’ve recently completed the next step in completing the bright work on our sailboat.  Had lots of help from my crew, Pepper!  Also during this stage I used linseed oil soap that I’m now producing.  The boats bright work has been cleaned and oiled with Deks Olji D1.  Really like the oiled look might just leave it this way!  The next step would be to varnish six coats with the Deks Olji D2.  

S2 11 Meter Long Awaited Teak Refinising

I’ve started to refinish the teak on the topside of our sailboat.  She is a 1981 and maybe the teak was never done.  The varnish is almost all warn off and the teak has grayed out.  I’m going the use the Deks Olji system.  I’ve been using this system all season with really amazing results!  I started testing this system in February this year.  I redid our front porch railing which is in direct sun most of the day, it still looks great no deterioration!  I’ll keep updating my progress so far the toe rail has been cleaned and oiled.  This old boat is going to look great again!  Fall is a very good time of year to consider redoing your teak.  Give a call for a consult today.

Oiled Teak Toe Rails

I just oiled these Teak Toe rails on this great sailboat.  Deks Olji was the oil used mainly linseed oil my old tried and true favorite!  Linseed oil or flax seed oil is an amazing product.  It’s been around for a long time and still is a perfect wood preservative. 

Cleaned Teak Toe Rail with Deks Olji

I recently cleaned this teak toe rail with Deks Olji deck cleaner.  The results were great removing all the dirt, oxidation and prepping the teak for Deks D1 oil!  Contact Swab, Inc. for your brightwork rejuvination! 

Alden 58′ bright work completed!

I just completed refinishing the bright work of this classic Ketch!  It took me thirty days to strip, prep and varnish with six coats.  In addition to varnishing I caulked where the bright work met the deck.   This will help with water going under neith the teak.  This was a big project and I was pleased the progress.  My process is very efficient, long lasting and very cost effective comparatively speaking!  Give a call to talk about your boats bright work⛵️

58′ Alden Boothbay Challenger receives a bright work makeover!

I started refinishing the teak on this beautiful vessel!  She had been redone only two years ago with epathain varnish and has failed miserably.  This is what happens to the traditional film forming varnishes there is only a few mills of protection that lies on top of the teak.  Once the varnish becomes brittle it cracks and let’s moisture in leading to complete failure.  My solution is to use a linseed oil varnish that is ment to penetrate the teak and form a tough barrier that won’t peel or crack.  Before the varnish is applied oil is introduced to the teak which waterproofs the teak and prepares it for the varnish.  My system does not involve sanding and produces a rich lustorous look.  One hundred and twenty feet of toe rail has been completed with six coats of varnish. The rest of the bright work to follow.  They only made ten of these yachts and it’s been a pleasure bringing her back to her glory!! 

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