Port side blisters from the past

Surprise, it’s amazing what you find when you redo the bottom of your boat. The port side has few larger blisters to the fiberglass that were fixed in the past and failed. This is great to discovery and remedy! This will add life and value to our S2 11 Meter!

Seeing the finish line for the S2

I feel like I’m over 50% done with removing the bottom paint for our 1981 S2. I think I have about 60 hrs into this so far. Feeling good that one complete side is almost ready for barrier coating!

Black Walnut Cheeseboards

Here are some new pieces that I have on my Etsy page www.etsy.com/shop/NaturalEdgeTables

Bottom continues for the S2 11 Meter!

If your looking for the ultimate full body workout just sand the bottom of your boat to the gel coat! It’s a humbling job which hopefully will pay off for many more years of sailing adventures! I knew it had to be done given our survey and I’m happy it’s a one time job at least for this vessel! After the bottom is stripped to the gel coat I’ll put three coats of epoxy barrier coats and a few coats of anti fouling paint. Well it’s back to grinding more to come.

Black Walnut Cheeseboards

Here are some new black walnut cheese boards coming to life. I just finished sanding and now oiling the pieces with raw linseed oil. Later to finish with a natural linseed oil wax. These pieces are very unique and make a great presentation for your favorite appetizers! Available at my Etsy shop NaturalEdgeTables

Deks Olje Test 1 year later!

I originally started using Deks Olje oil varnish last year on our front porch railing. The railing still looks like the day I did them. The front of our house faces due west strong DC sun most of the day. I thought this would be a good test area and I’m very pleased with the results and it’s true this varnish does not peal or crack like the standard film forming varnishes. The boats that I’ve done last year still look great with no sign of wear! Paired with cleaning with my Linseed oil soap once in a while makes a great routine for your brightwork!

Here are a few short clips showing how easy it is to use this soap. This soap works great to clean all your varnished wood especially your boats teak!!

Carbide method 01/11/18

Here I go with the carbide removing the bottom paint on Russlynn. Worked well with virtually no dust, big plus. Still labor intensive though a little less than the sander! Quite the work out as my buddy Hank puts it “strong like bull”Good times!!

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