Cherry Coffee Table

I just finished this new piece showing the amazing cherry grain. Given the shape and waviness of this piece of cherry I decided to make a stand that the table top sits on. The frame is made from mahogany which is very similar in color. The frame can be disassembled and the top just sits on wooden pegs for easy maneuvering. The piece is finished with may coats of raw linseed oil and a top coat of linseed oil wax. There is a Japanese feel to this piece with its simplicity and form. Available for sale under Creative Design in the main menu.

Back stairwell painted with linseed oil paint

Just finished this back entrance/stairwell using Allback on the trim and Odesson Snow White on the walls. The owner had the Allback paint from ten years ago was perfect still in the tin! This paint goes on great and looks fantastic. If your looking for alternatives to the traditional acrylic paint give me a call for a consult.

Black Walnut Coffee/End Tables

New piece coming into focus. The design can be a coffee table if both pieces are put together or it can be separated to be two end tables. The piece of Black walnut was split all the way through so instead of trying to fix and make a solid piece I embraced the thought of two pieces. Seen below in the first photo shows the fixed splits using epoxy. This maintained the look of a actual split but being very smooth to the touch. The legs are steel rods ruffly 3/8 sunk into the walnut with epoxy. The legs splay out about 25 degrees in a triangle pattern creating a very modern display for these two beautiful pieces of black walnut. The last photos show the saturation of raw linseed oil. Finish coat to be linseed oil wax photos below. This new piece if featured in my Creative Design tab under Products and Live Edge Furnishings.

black walnut coffee table

Created this beautiful black walnut coffee table. The legs are fabricated out of steal, my design which creates a very solid platform. Finished with many coats of raw linseed oil and a linseed oil wax top coat. Will last for many years showcasing this amazing wood grain. Details in my Creative Design page under Products.

live edge black walnut

Amazing grain lots of movement going on in this piece. It’s going to be a coffee table the legs to be fabricated out of wrought iron a tripod with each leg angled out slightly. Just finished sanding and applying raw linseed oil. So cool watching the grain come out! The tree was over 150 years old.

black walnut
applying the raw linseed oil

Live Edge Black Walnut & Cherry

Just started Work on these beautiful live edge pieces. The grain is really starting to come through can’t wait to apply the linseed oil. The black walnut piece is going to be a coffee table and the cherry piece I’m still deciding. The cherry has a unique radius could be a cool bar or headboard. More to come when complete. Any interest let me know.

Black Walnut
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