Lynn⚓️Sea Linseed Oil Soap Now at Annie’s Ace Hardware DC

Lynn⚓️Sea Linseed oil soap is now available at our local DC Ace Hardware store! Here is a short video describing the soap and it’s uses! Much thanks to Stephanie my wonderful wife for producing this fun video!

Wooden Dingy Coming Together Nicely!

Just finished painting this unique sailing dingy. Coming together nicely with the mahogany brightwork gleaming! I used Deks Olje for the varnish and Brightsides for the paint.

Wooden Sailing Dingy Finishing Touches

I’ve been putting the finishing touches on this handmade wooden sailing dingy. After fairing I’m almost done painting with Brightsides two coats of primer and two final coats. I used the roll and tip method so touch ups down the line are easy. Next step is to varnish the mahogany with Deks Olje should be a head turner when completed. Feel free to contact me for your unique boat works!

Teak Revived after Years of Weather

After years of weather on the Chesapeake the teak on this boat has changed. The old varnish has failed and needs the be removed. After that I clean the teak to remove the oxidation and dirt. This makes the teak ready for a old system that I have mastered over the years. This system is a oil based varnish that doesn’t peal or crack. For this project I’m only doing the second step, oiling the the wood which rejuvenates the wood and repels water basically the wood will be ready for the third step varnishing. The photos here show the teak after the old varnish has been removed and the cleaned. By the way the linseed oil soap I make will achieve this result.

#4 Great Use For Lynn⚓️Sea Handmade Soap

Here is another fun video showing a great use for my handmade linseed oil soap!

Lynn⚓️Sea Soap fun video!

My wife made this fun video shaving her legs with my handmade linseed oil soap. Just one of many great uses for this organic liquid soap. Thanks hon, looking great!!

Finished teak rub rail with Deks Olje!

Just finished the six coat of D2 varnish. Looking great and the owner is very pleased! The oil varnishes provide such a deep rich color for your Teak. Please give a call to discuss this great method of teak refinishing. I’m going to become a distributor for the Deks Olje products along the Western shore of the Chesapeake. More to follow.

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