Now Available at Greenstreet Gardens: Small Batch Organic Linseed Oil Soap

I’m excited to announce that my handmade, organic linseed oil soap is now available at Greenstreet Gardens in Lothian, Maryland.

After many compliments from people who have tried my soap, it’s great to have it available for more people. You’ll find it in the men’s section, but my wife loves it to shave with as much as I do.

A friend from Herrington Harbour is using it on his wood floors, another dock mate loves how easily it cleans his teak. The perfect stocking stuffer!

Organic Linseed Oil Soap

Currently I’ve started making an organic version of Linseed oil soap! Linseed oil is flax seed oil and my soap is made from US organically grown cold pressed flax seed oil and purified water. This soap is rich in Omega 3,6,9 fatty acids and feels great on your skin! Cleans virtually anything, use full strength or dilute with water.

Lynn Sea Organic Linseed Oil Soap

Greenstreet Gardens Buys Lynn Sea Soap

I had my first retailer, Greenstreet Gardens in Lothian, Maryland agree to sell my linseed oil soap.  They loved the soap and the versatility of the soap.  Greenstreet Gardens is a great home and garden shop on the shore of the Chesapeake Bay, selling many local hand made products in their gift shop!  Here is a link so you can have a look Greenstreet Gardens.  A small step in getting the soap out there, very inspiring, thank you, Greenstreet Gardens!



Organic Linseed Oil Soap!

I’ve just made the first batch of organic linseed oil soap.  The soap came out great and feels very nice on the skin.  This soap is made with organic cold pressed flaxseed oil grown here in the US!  I plan on producing the organic version once I fully test its quality of use, so far so good!  Organic flaxseed oil is very good for your skin due to it having Omega 3 and Omega 6 fatty acids.  Using the soap is a great way to topically introduce it.  I really like to shave with it leaving my skin feeling very smooth and clean!

If you would like to purchase a nice four ounce sample please visit my Etsy page Organic Linseed Oil Soap  for larger orders please email me at



Black Walnut Live Edge Tables, VII,VIII

I’ve just started finishing the VII and VIII  black walnut coffee tables made to date!  Its always great getting to the finishing part showing the wonderful grain of the wood.  These pieces are from a tree over one hundred and fifty years old in upstate NY.  They are vertical cuts exposing much grain and color.

Its been a great year to date selling four of these unique tables to friends and this great furniture store in Ellicot City, Maryland, Su Casa!  Thank you to all that have bought one here’s to many years of enjoyment!  Soon to be finished these two pieces will be available.  Here is a link to my Etsy page for inquiries.



Cleaning Boats with Linseed Oil Soap!

I’ve just started making my own linseed oil soap which works great to clean your boat.   I like to mix in a bucket with hot water if possible not necessary though.  I put in about two ounces of soap to a gallon or so of water.  I use a soft deck brush as to not scratch the beautiful teak.  This is enough to clean the topside of most boats.    The great aspect about the soap is that it removes virtually all stains and it nourishes the brightwork on your boat!  When your done cleaning I like to wipe the teak off with a clean soft rag.  The teak really shines due to it being a oil soap!

The varnishes that I use to refinish brightwork are natural, oil,  varnishes and this soap is a perfect way to keep the teak clean.  I’m offering a nice four ounce sample currently Linseed Oil Soap Now Available on Etsy , or just contact me at


Lynn⚓️Sea linseed oil soap cleaning video

Here is a short video showing a great way to clean with linseed oil soap around the house! ​



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