Consulting Services


I offer a great service to you and your team, consulting on demand!  Learn the great benefits of using linseed oil products on a one on one basis. These products have a strong history of use and are superior to the standard film forming finishes that we are accustomed to using.  Want to learn how to restore the teak on your boat, a historic project or just want to redo your old windows and doors, have SWAB, Inc. show you these great techniques!  We can act as a project manager during the finishing process or provided a daily service.  Prices are commiserate with time and travel.  Contact Marc Luebstorff today at or call (585) 313-4950.

I’m offering a “Teak Dr. Consult” for all those DIY people out there.  We can talk over the phone or over Skype, FaceTime, etc.  for around an hour to get you through your teak/wood refinishing project.  I’m charging a nominal fee of $50.00


Teak Dr. Consult

Teak Dr. consult. One hour consult for helpful tips when refinishing your boats teak and any other refinishing needs.


Please email or call to set up a convenient time to schedule a consult!  Email: swabincdc@gmail,com Phone: (585)313-4950.  

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