Swab, Inc. has Transitioned 100% to the Marine Industry

To All It May Concern,

I just wanted to post to everyone listening  that I have decided to transition out of the home painting business.  I will be focusing on marine work particualy bright work and teak refinishing.  In addition,  Swab, Inc. will offer consultation services regarding the use of these great linseed oil products that I’ve been using for the last ten plus years.  I’ve also had some great success with design and production of live edge tables, please take a look!  Thank you to all that I’ve worked for in the home painting industry I wouldn’t have  made it to this point if it wasn’t for you!  Now its time to cast off the dock lines and sail to a new course.  See you at the waters edge!

Warm Regards,

Marc Luebstorff


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