Table Restorations

I received this old side table to be restored and refinished.  It was in pieces needing new connecting doweling pegs to be able to put it back together.  The finish was very dull and dirty.  After cleaning all the pieces I proceeded to put it back together.  The patina that came through after cleaning was very interesting.  Once I applied the first coat of linseed oil and tung oil the piece came alive!  Will update with a final photo once finishing is completed.  So if you have an old piece in the attic or basement don’t hesitate to revive it, give me a call to schedule.  Marc (585) 313-4950

One thought on “Table Restorations

  1. I almost cried when Mark came through the door with my grandmother’s table. I gave it to him in very bad shape. My grandmother’s table look just like it did when I was a little girl! He restored it to it’s former glory. Thanks Mark, again! My grandmother would have been 103 yrs. old this past February, see there is quite a bit of history in her table.❤

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