The Power of Lynn-Sea Soap Cleaning!

I thought I’d show again the great cleaning abilities of my natural Linseed oil soap. What’s better on a hot day than to clean the back deck getting it ready to seal. You can see from the photo the powerful cleaning action of this great soap! I just used a deck brush a hose and the soap. A little scrubbing and voila, it’s done. I plan on coating the deck with my own mixture of pine tar and raw Linseed oil. This is a natural finish which rejuvenates the wood for a beautiful look. A new post will come showing the finished product.

My helper, too cute!

Cockpit Table Refinish Project For A Catalina 42′

Since my work has come to a halt due to Covid-19 I decided to start the teak refinishing on our Catalina 42′.  I wanted to show how I start a project and keep track of my time to show an accurate time frame and cost involved.  Starting with the cockpit table I removed it from the boat and brought it home work on in my shop.  This table is a TeakFlex table that folds out it has many pieces.  I first removed all the hardware and then removed all the old varnish with my infra-red paint remover.  This took me about five hours. Today I prepped the pieces by sanding them with eighty grit sand paper to open the grain of the wood to accept the oil.  I’m using the Deks Olje D1 and D2 varnish. The D1 is the oil which is applied first then six coats of the D2 varnish.  This took me a total of about two hours for a total so far of eight hours. I charge $45/hour so its $360.00 so far. I’m anticipating the total cost to be around $500.00 for the cockpit table.  Contact me for a quote to refinish your teak!

Lynn-Sea Linseed Oil Soap


I wanted to make a new post showing everyone that I can sell my handmade soap right here on my Blog!  The soap has many uses one of which is washing your hands.  During this pandemic we are all washing our hands so frequently and how nice is it to use a soap that doesn’t dry your hands out no matter how many times you wash.  The soap is made from the finest ingredients; Organic flax seed oi food grade, purified water and lye.  I have a (8) ounce bottle for $10.00 and a 750ml glass bottle with a nice spout for $28.00 for pick-up only in the District of Columbia.  I also offer a mail option which includes two (8) ounce bottles shipped in the USA.  Please email Marc at for all logistics and who and where to ship this great soap!  Below is my new payment portal it utilizes PayPal for an easy safe transaction. You don’t have to have a Paypal account to use pay portal. Thank you for your interest in Lynn-Sea linseed oil soap!

Stay safe and wash your hands often!

Best, Marc

Clean Your Hands with Handmade Linseed Oil Soap

In the trying times of Covid-19 we are washing our hands more than ever.  I wanted to let people now how nice my handmade linseed oil soap is to clean your hands with.  I make this liquid soap with the finest ingredients; organic food grade flaxseed oil and purified water.  My wife and I have been washing our hands several times a day and our hands feel great.  They never feel dried out no matter how many times you wash!  As a small business based in Washington, D.C. and working at our marina in Deale Maryland, I wanted people to know this great soap is available for sale.  I offer two sizes: an 8 ounce bottle for $10.00 and a 750ml (25ounce) bottle with a nice spout for $28.00.  Feel free to contact me through e-mail at: for logistics. I accept Pay-Pal for a safe method of payment please use the portal below to facilitate the purchase, thank you.   Looking forward to providing this great soap locally!



Lyn Sea Linseed Oil Soap Cleaning

Here is another fine example of how my handmade linseed oil soap can clean your family heirlooms.  My mom sent me this photo showing how nice her dinning room set came out after using my soap.  After filling a bucket about a quarter full of water she added just a small amount of soap.  Using a soft rag ringing it out with the soapy water she wiped the furniture down leaving a beautiful shine.  After she was done she said the water showed all the dirt that came off.  She feels this soap is much better than dusting and using furniture cleaner.


Handmade Soap

I just made a small batch of my linseed oil soap.  I wanted to show some phases that the soap goes through its interesting to see the reaction take place.  In addition, I wanted to let people know how nice this soap is for washing your hands.  Being made from flaxseed oil and purified water its nourishes your skin leaving it feel great!  The first photo shows the saponification of the oil and here I’m getting the mixture to “trace” or thickening up to the point where you can see tracks from the mixer.  The second photo shows a phase that I call the glycerin phase where the mixture gets a translucent amber look to it.  The mixture now is ready for the liquidation phase of the soap shown here in the third photo.  Lastly, the finished product.  Im now able to sell this soap right here on my site.  I live in the District of Columbia and am offering a safe pick-up method to get a bottle of this great soap.  Also if you would want a bottle mailed to you in the US this can be arranged.  Please consult the new payment portals below they utilize PayPal for a secure and safe payment option.  Thank you for visiting my blog and learning about this great soap!  Stay safe and wash your hands often!

Cheers, Marc



Black Walnut Side Table

Natural Edge Tables

Just finished this great new live edge side table made from black walnut.  The grain is like looking at a painting of a volcano I called this piece “Fuji”.  This would be a great addition to a foyer under a coat rack or a hallway table with a vase and flowers!  The finish on the table is a linseed oil wax, matte.  The link above takes you to my Etsy shop, have a look!


Classic Aldin Boothbay Challenger’s brightwork finished with Deks Olje

I refinished the bright work on this classic sailboat three years ago using the Decks Olje D1 and D2 varnish. After three years the finish was still in tact on the majority of the teak. Most areas were very good. I cleaned with the deck cleaner and coated with two coats of the D2.

Classic pure linseed oil varnish for Galley counter

This is a great example of a classic sailboats galley counter refinished with a pure linseed oil varnish. Where food is prepared I like to use a varnish with no chemicals in it especially thinners. The counter had deep water spots so I used my graining trick pure Shellac I mixed myself. The shellac is made with real shellac flakes (from the beetle) and denatured alcohol. It dries very quick and has a beautiful amber color. I put four coats of varnish on and it came out very nice!

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