Interior and exterior teak finished with Deks Olje

Here is a nice example of an older sailboat cleaned up and refinished with Deks Olje D1 and D2 varnish. On the inside the doors were new along with the door trim. I also cleaned up the the first step and shelve in the pilot house. The nice aspect of the Deks is that it blends the old to the new wood very well. In addition to the interior I refinished the combing in the cockpit. This section was striped and coated with D1 and D2 six coats. Teak is meant to be finished let me show you a great method!

Linseed Oil Soap Cleaning

Here is one example of how I use my handmade linseed oil soap!

Every year I clean our front porch wooden railing with my linseed oil soap.  Very easy and fast I have a bucket of warm water, rag and a spay bottle with a soap water mixture. The amount of soap used in the bottle was about three pumps of soap and about two cups of water.  From here I just spitz the surface of the wood and wipe off with a rag, ring the rag out in the bucket of water and wipe the surface again.  Thats it , easy!

This railing has also been one of my tests for the Desk Olje Varnish system.  Three years in and still looking great!  More to follow in the next blog post.

Here is a link to my Etsy page where you can purchase this great universal soap. Lynn Sea Linseed Oil Soap


Deks Olje Test Third Year!

Three years ago I decided to test the Deks Olje varnish system.  I thought the front porch railing on our house would be a great test subject.  We live in Washington, DC and our house is facing West so you can imagine the intense sun and weather.  The wood railing is preasure treated and was coated with the linseed oil varnish LeTonkinois Marine 1.  This is a great varnish and held up great but it did get very dark in color after just one year.  So searching for another linseed oil varnish to use I found the Deks Olje oil varnish system.  Having the same process as the Le Tonkinois Marine 1 varnish the Deks Olje D1,D2 system has additional properties that help maintain the color of the wood and still perform like a traditional oil varnish.  After three years there has been no change in color or deterioration of the finish.  This small test is still looking great three years later!

My passion was making homes beautiful now its making boats beautiful using the best finishes possible.  I’m located on the Western shore of the Chesapeake and Washington DC.  No project is too small so give me a call to discuss yours.


Teak Hatch Handle Repair

This teak handle was in three pieces plus a large section underneath where it mounts was gone.  I decided to glue the pieces back together and fill the voids with West System epoxy.  The first photo shows the large void that I recreated.  After the repairs and sanding I coated the whole piece with two coats of epoxy proceeded by three coats of varnish.  Once dry I installed it to the companionway hatch drilling new holes where needed.  Taking a total of two hours made for a reasonable fix to an annoying problem.  It came out great!  This is a great small example of what Swab, Inc. can do for your boat especially when on the hard during the winter months.

Lynn⚓️Sea Linseed Oil Soap Now at Annie’s Ace Hardware DC

Lynn⚓️Sea Linseed oil soap is now available at our local DC Ace Hardware store! Here is a short video describing the soap and it’s uses! Much thanks to Stephanie my wonderful wife for producing this fun video!

Wooden Sailing Dingy Finishing Touches

I’ve been putting the finishing touches on this handmade wooden sailing dingy. After fairing I’m almost done painting with Brightsides two coats of primer and two final coats. I used the roll and tip method so touch ups down the line are easy. Next step is to varnish the mahogany with Deks Olje should be a head turner when completed. Feel free to contact me for your unique boat works!

Teak Revived after Years of Weather

After years of weather on the Chesapeake the teak on this boat has changed. The old varnish has failed and needs the be removed. After that I clean the teak to remove the oxidation and dirt. This makes the teak ready for a old system that I have mastered over the years. This system is a oil based varnish that doesn’t peal or crack. For this project I’m only doing the second step, oiling the the wood which rejuvenates the wood and repels water basically the wood will be ready for the third step varnishing. The photos here show the teak after the old varnish has been removed and the cleaned. By the way the linseed oil soap I make will achieve this result.

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