Linseed oil soap project

I bought these great old shutters that will work as window screens. To say the least these shutters were in need of a deep clean. Perfect project for the linseed oil soap I make! I have a bucket of hot water to wring the rag out, and I put a small amount of soap in a spray bottle and mix with water. That’s all you need just spritz the surface and wipe clean then wring the rag out and repeat.

Spritz surface
Wipe clean
The aftermath
Finished look
Dining rm window screens

Track to Pendant Lighting

Our new kitchen lighting turned out great. I converted our old track lighting to a very cool pendant light. I used an amber led Edison bulb this light has a very warm feel and goes great with our 1905 house.

Pendant lighting
Amber lighting

Window Restoration Steps

The photos in this post show a project I’ve been working on over this winter. It’s an old school in Hemlock NY now converted to Little Lakes Community Center. I’ve been tasked with restoring all the windows, window frames and doors. This batch of photos shows the weathered windows being worked on step by step to the point of being painted. A prior post shows the painting and glazing steps. This project is a great example of much needed maintenance and how it can be done using linseed oil products. If this was a total restoration all the glass would be removed and reset. This project is repairing the window utilizing the old glazing where still viable.

Removing all the loose glazing
Preparing sanding block
Sanding old glazing that is staying
Raw linseed oil to the painted surfaces
Scraper blade jig to sharpen
Blade flat on platten
Using my infrared heater to remove paint
Scraping paint off after heating
Vacuum up
Razor blade glass to remove old paint
Putty raw linseed oil slurry for existing glazing to be repaired with the linseed oil putty. Brush the slurry on the glazing to be repair to prevent improper adhesion to the old glazing
Window ready to glaze
Repaired window ready for linseed oil paint.
Paint station, two coats of linseed oil paint to be applied

Linseed oil paint on glass cleanup

When you use linseed oil paint on windows you are rehabilitating you should paint onto the glass past the new linseed oil putty. This ensures a good seal of the newly repaired window. This short video shows how I clean up that line of paint to the glass. Hold a long scraper to the new glazing and tight to glass. Take a razor blade held horizontal to scraper and slide down glass using scraper as a fence. This creates a perfect line of paint to glass for a professional look.

Linseed oil putty prep

Here is a short video showing how I prep the new tub of linseed oil putty prior to use. I do this because the oil within the putty settle to the bottom of the tub of putty. Making the bottom layer of putty to sticky to use. So I remove all the contents of a new tub of putty and hand mix with gloves on to a even consistency. At this point it is ready to use and is a perfect consistency. You can split up the putty at this point and put in plastic bags. If you are going to use all the putty within a month just put back in original container and put plastic sheet over top then close lid.

Removing putty from container
Hand mixing new linseed oil putty

Steps to window repair

This post is a number of small videos showing the different steps involved with redoing a old window. I’m using the linseed oil method. First I remove all the glazing that is loose then is apply shellac to the rabbits. I bed the rabbit with glazing and install the new window. I paint the old glazing that needs to be repaired with a slurry mix of linseed oil putty and raw linseed oil at this point you can fix the defects with the putty. Once the window is glazed it is painted right away.

Shellac the rabbit
Bedding the rabbit
Setting the new pane of glass
Installing new copper points
Glazing the window
Making a slurry of putty and raw linseed oil
Applying the slurry to old glazing
Painting the window with linseed oil paint

Linseed oil paint and varnish projects 2021

I haven’t posted to my blog in a while. Ever since the move back to Rochester New York I’ve been working on painting and finishing projects using linseed oil paint and varnishes for the most part. These products work very well with the thought of longevity and beauty in mind. Here are a few photos of jobs completed in 2021.

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