Lynn-Sea Linseed Oil Soap


I wanted to make a new post showing everyone that I can sell my handmade soap right here on my Blog!  The soap has many uses one of which is washing your hands.  During this pandemic we are all washing our hands so frequently and how nice is it to use a soap that doesn’t dry your hands out no matter how many times you wash.  The soap is made from the finest ingredients; Organic flax seed oi food grade, purified water and lye.  I have a (8) ounce bottle for $10.00 and a 750ml glass bottle with a nice spout for $28.00 for pick-up only in the District of Columbia.  I also offer a mail option which includes two (8) ounce bottles shipped in the USA.  Please email Marc at for all logistics and who and where to ship this great soap!  Below is my new payment portal it utilizes PayPal for an easy safe transaction. You don’t have to have a Paypal account to use pay portal. Thank you for your interest in Lynn-Sea linseed oil soap!

Stay safe and wash your hands often!

Best, Marc

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