Cockpit Table Refinish Project For A Catalina 42′

Since my work has come to a halt due to Covid-19 I decided to start the teak refinishing on our Catalina 42′.  I wanted to show how I start a project and keep track of my time to show an accurate time frame and cost involved.  Starting with the cockpit table I removed it from the boat and brought it home work on in my shop.  This table is a TeakFlex table that folds out it has many pieces.  I first removed all the hardware and then removed all the old varnish with my infra-red paint remover.  This took me about five hours. Today I prepped the pieces by sanding them with eighty grit sand paper to open the grain of the wood to accept the oil.  I’m using the Deks Olje D1 and D2 varnish. The D1 is the oil which is applied first then six coats of the D2 varnish.  This took me a total of about two hours for a total so far of eight hours. I charge $45/hour so its $360.00 so far. I’m anticipating the total cost to be around $500.00 for the cockpit table.  Contact me for a quote to refinish your teak!

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