Classic pure linseed oil varnish for Galley counter

This is a great example of a classic sailboats galley counter refinished with a pure linseed oil varnish. Where food is prepared I like to use a varnish with no chemicals in it especially thinners. The counter had deep water spots so I used my graining trick pure Shellac I mixed myself. The shellac isContinue reading “Classic pure linseed oil varnish for Galley counter”

Interior and exterior teak finished with Deks Olje

Here is a nice example of an older sailboat cleaned up and refinished with Deks Olje D1 and D2 varnish. On the inside the doors were new along with the door trim. I also cleaned up the the first step and shelve in the pilot house. The nice aspect of the Deks is that itContinue reading “Interior and exterior teak finished with Deks Olje”

Wooden Sailing Dingy Finishing Touches

I’ve been putting the finishing touches on this handmade wooden sailing dingy. After fairing I’m almost done painting with Brightsides two coats of primer and two final coats. I used the roll and tip method so touch ups down the line are easy. Next step is to varnish the mahogany with Deks Olje should beContinue reading “Wooden Sailing Dingy Finishing Touches”