Here is one example of how I use my handmade linseed oil soap!

Every year I clean our front porch wooden railing with my linseed oil soap.  Very easy and fast I have a bucket of warm water, rag and a spay bottle with a soap water mixture. The amount of soap used in the bottle was about three pumps of soap and about two cups of water.  From here I just spitz the surface of the wood and wipe off with a rag, ring the rag out in the bucket of water and wipe the surface again.  Thats it , easy!

This railing has also been one of my tests for the Desk Olje Varnish system.  Three years in and still looking great!  More to follow in the next blog post.

Here is a link to my Etsy page where you can purchase this great universal soap. Lynn Sea Linseed Oil Soap