Handmade Soap

I just made a small batch of my linseed oil soap.  I wanted to show some phases that the soap goes through its interesting to see the reaction take place.  In addition, I wanted to let people know how nice this soap is for washing your hands.  Being made from flaxseed oil and purified water its nourishes your skin leaving it feel great!  The first photo shows the saponification of the oil and here I’m getting the mixture to “trace” or thickening up to the point where you can see tracks from the mixer.  The second photo shows a phase that I call the glycerin phase where the mixture gets a translucent amber look to it.  The mixture now is ready for the liquidation phase of the soap shown here in the third photo.  Lastly, the finished product.  Im now able to sell this soap right here on my site.  I live in the District of Columbia and am offering a safe pick-up method to get a bottle of this great soap.  Also if you would want a bottle mailed to you in the US this can be arranged.  Please consult the new payment portals below they utilize PayPal for a secure and safe payment option.  Thank you for visiting my blog and learning about this great soap!  Stay safe and wash your hands often!

Cheers, Marc

Lynn-Sea Linseed Oil Soap

Handmade linseed oil soap. This is a liquid soap made from organic flax seed oil, purified water and lye. For all your personal, home and boat cleaning needs! Very nice for washing your hands and much more. Bottle size (8) ounces.


Lynn-Sea Linseed Oil Soap

750ml glass bottle with a nice spout! For pick-up only in the District of Columbia. Please email me at swabincdc@gmail.com to arrange logistics. Thank you for purchasing this great soap! Best, Marc


Lynn-Sea Linseed Oil Soap

Two (8) ounce bottle for $19.00 plus shipping in the US for $8.70 for a total of $27.70. The shipping cost reflect USPS Priority mail. Please email me your name and address for shipping in the US at swabincdc@gmail.com. Thank you, Marc




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