Three years ago I decided to test the Deks Olje varnish system.  I thought the front porch railing on our house would be a great test subject.  We live in Washington, DC and our house is facing West so you can imagine the intense sun and weather.  The wood railing is preasure treated and was coated with the linseed oil varnish LeTonkinois Marine 1.  This is a great varnish and held up great but it did get very dark in color after just one year.  So searching for another linseed oil varnish to use I found the Deks Olje oil varnish system.  Having the same process as the Le Tonkinois Marine 1 varnish the Deks Olje D1,D2 system has additional properties that help maintain the color of the wood and still perform like a traditional oil varnish.  After three years there has been no change in color or deterioration of the finish.  This small test is still looking great three years later!

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