Swab, Inc. Transitions business to focus on Maine bright work and teak refinishing on the shores of the Chesapeake

Just a few days ago I transitioned Swab, Inc. Into the marine industry focusing on bright work and teak refinishing.  I will be using products and techniques I have developed over the years on fine wood projects. Now I’m taking my knowledge and passion to the marine industry. As a boat owner at Herrington Harbour North I know there is nothing like the pride of ownership and wanting the best for your investment. My system is virtually dustless and requires minimal sanding, if any at all.  The linseed oil products I use are made to penetrate the wood, providing many years of protection.  The varnish is a marine-grade oil varnish and the nice thing about it is that it is a non film forming varnish, which means it soaks into the wood. Plus the maitanance down the road is far less than all other products on the market.  Give me a call to discuss your next project!

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