Black Walnut Coffee/End Tables

New piece coming into focus. The design can be a coffee table if both pieces are put together or it can be separated to be two end tables. The piece of Black walnut was split all the way through so instead of trying to fix and make a solid piece I embraced the thought of two pieces. Seen below in the first photo shows the fixed splits using epoxy. This maintained the look of a actual split but being very smooth to the touch. The legs are steel rods ruffly 3/8 sunk into the walnut with epoxy. The legs splay out about 25 degrees in a triangle pattern creating a very modern display for these two beautiful pieces of black walnut. The last photos show the saturation of raw linseed oil. Finish coat to be linseed oil wax photos below. This new piece if featured in my Creative Design tab under Products and Live Edge Furnishings.

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