Window Restoration Steps

The photos in this post show a project I’ve been working on over this winter. It’s an old school in Hemlock NY now converted to Little Lakes Community Center. I’ve been tasked with restoring all the windows, window frames and doors. This batch of photos shows the weathered windows being worked on step by step to the point of being painted. A prior post shows the painting and glazing steps. This project is a great example of much needed maintenance and how it can be done using linseed oil products. If this was a total restoration all the glass would be removed and reset. This project is repairing the window utilizing the old glazing where still viable.

Removing all the loose glazing
Preparing sanding block
Sanding old glazing that is staying
Raw linseed oil to the painted surfaces
Scraper blade jig to sharpen
Blade flat on platten
Using my infrared heater to remove paint
Scraping paint off after heating
Vacuum up
Razor blade glass to remove old paint
Putty raw linseed oil slurry for existing glazing to be repaired with the linseed oil putty. Brush the slurry on the glazing to be repair to prevent improper adhesion to the old glazing
Window ready to glaze
Repaired window ready for linseed oil paint.
Paint station, two coats of linseed oil paint to be applied

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