Creating our Adirondack Chairs

I just finished these Adirondack Chairs created from all my old skis! They came out great and are very comfortable. It’s a unique design using all re-claimed pieces to create a very durable chair that’s also a terrific conversation starter. I used an organic, raw linseed oil finish on the wood frames, which gives it aContinue reading “Creating our Adirondack Chairs”

Transformed mahogany table with Linseed oil wax

I refinished this early 20th century mahogany table.  The table’s  finish was failing lots of cup marks along with disintegrating varnish.  I removed the old varnish and finished the table with raw linseed oil and linseed oil wax.  You can now see all the beautiful grains in the wood and patterns.  Have SWAB, Inc. bringContinue reading “Transformed mahogany table with Linseed oil wax”

Great images of Frank Llyoyd Wright’s Boynton House

Big thanks out to Jim Liebel  for providing these high quality images of Frank Lloyd Wright’s Boynton House in Rochester New York.  Jim was the amazing woodworker on this historic project! He made most of the cabnitry, built-ins, furniture, and all of the new trim that was used in this home.  Believe it or notContinue reading “Great images of Frank Llyoyd Wright’s Boynton House”