Great images of Frank Llyoyd Wright’s Boynton House

Big thanks out to Jim Liebel  for providing these high quality images of Frank Lloyd Wright’s Boynton House in Rochester New York.  Jim was the amazing woodworker on this historic project! He made most of the cabnitry, built-ins, furniture, and all of the new trim that was used in this home.  Believe it or not about seven miles of trim was used to finish this home.

SWAB Inc. was the finisher on this amazing project including the furniture, cabinetry and builtins along with all the trim and doors, It took over two years to complete and I was involved for a year and a half. SWAB Inc. also was the painter of all the Exterior trim including the pergola and garage.  This was a monumental task and i’m proud to be apart of such a historic renovation.

I used organic linseed oil and linseed oil varnish on the kitchen counters and exterior doors, the original wood refrigerator.  In addition the original kitchen which was used in the basement was refurbished with linseed oil soap and linseed oil wax as the finish.

There was a great documentary done on this restoration, WXXI’s Frank Lloyd Wright’s Boynton House, The Next Hundred Years.  Enjoy!file049 file083 file097 file125 GF6W8384 GF6W8390 GF6W8417 GF6W8423 GF6W8435 GF6W8441

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