New Packaging for Organic Linseed Oil Soap

I changed the packaging for my organic linseed oil soap.  Now it comes in a eight ounce clear bottle with a hand pump!  Eight ounces of this soap goes a long way with all of its uses.  Now available at my Etsy page;  Organic Linseed Oil Soap  Great soap for the Boat especially the teak!  All natural, very water salable, versatile cleaning abilities,  could be the only soap you need for your yacht.

Please keep checking out my blog as i’ll be posting short “how to clips” on the soap’s uses.


One thought on “New Packaging for Organic Linseed Oil Soap

  1. I tried the Lynn-Sea oil soap on my kitchen wood parquet floor. I put water in my kitchen sink, about 1/4 full, and poured a little soap into it. I then used a rag mop with a funnel that squeezes the water out. Mopped the floor and kept putting the mop into the water and wringing it out. The floor came out beautiful, a rich patina, no rinse and very clean. I’ve used many products in the past, Murphy’s Oil Soap for one, but this comes out the best.
    Thank You,
    JAL in New York

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