Cleaning Boats with Linseed Oil Soap!

I’ve just started making my own linseed oil soap which works great to clean your boat.   I like to mix in a bucket with hot water if possible not necessary though.  I put in about two ounces of soap to a gallon or so of water.  I use a soft deck brush as to not scratch the beautiful teak.  This is enough to clean the topside of most boats.    The great aspect about the soap is that it removes virtually all stains and it nourishes the brightwork on your boat!  When your done cleaning I like to wipe the teak off with a clean soft rag.  The teak really shines due to it being a oil soap!

The varnishes that I use to refinish brightwork are natural, oil,  varnishes and this soap is a perfect way to keep the teak clean.  I’m offering a nice four ounce sample currently Linseed Oil Soap Now Available on Etsy , or just contact me at


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