Linseed Oil Soap Now Available!

After transitioning Swab, Inc. to the marine teak/brightwork market this year I decided to start making linseed oil soap.  I’ve been using this great soap for years now and its a critical step for linseed oil paint preparation as well as for brightwork/teak preparation!  I found out that it works great for cleaning your boat and the best aspect is that it is all natural and safe for our precious waters!  Not only is this soap good for your boat it is great on all wood in your home i.e., floors, trim, cabinets, walls, decks, home exteriors and much more!  One of my favorite aspects is you can use it in the shower.   I love to shave with it!  Linseed oil soap is made from purified raw linseed/flaxseed oil and purified water thats it!  I’ve been making small batches and have a four ounce sample size now available for purchase.  Please contact me to make arrangements.IMG_4096

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