Started Varnishing the S2 11 Meter!

I started the third and final phase of the teak on our S2 11 Meter.  Varnishing six coats in total.  It’s a long process but worth it!  The depth and protection created with six coats is superior and beautiful from Deks Olje’s oil varnish.  This varnishes main ingredient is linseed oil, my favorite wood preservative.  If used properly it can last years not to mention make your boat really stand out among the fleet! In addition, I’ve also used my own linseed oil soap to clean some of the teak.  This soap is a great boat soap which is eco friendly and safe for the delicate marine environment!  I’m now offering a four ounce sample of this wonderful soap for you to try!  Email me at for details on picking up your sample!  Happy boating and remember to keep our waters clean!!

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