58′ Alden Boothbay Challenger receives a bright work makeover!

I started refinishing the teak on this beautiful vessel!  She had been redone only two years ago with epathain varnish and has failed miserably.  This is what happens to the traditional film forming varnishes there is only a few mills of protection that lies on top of the teak.  Once the varnish becomes brittle it cracks and let’s moisture in leading to complete failure.  My solution is to use a linseed oil varnish that is ment to penetrate the teak and form a tough barrier that won’t peel or crack.  Before the varnish is applied oil is introduced to the teak which waterproofs the teak and prepares it for the varnish.  My system does not involve sanding and produces a rich lustorous look.  One hundred and twenty feet of toe rail has been completed with six coats of varnish. The rest of the bright work to follow.  They only made ten of these yachts and it’s been a pleasure bringing her back to her glory!! 

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