SWAB, Inc. is a professional, Rochester, NY-based painting and finishing company specializing in chemical-free, eco-friendly products that far out perform off-the-shelf paints and varnishes. I’ve been perfecting my craft for more than 15 years, working in Rochester, NY, and Washington, D.C. After restoring the teak on my own sailboat, I discovered the products I trusted to finish seven miles of trim in Frank Lloyd Wright’s Boynton House and refurbish historic windows in Yellowstone’s Lake Hotel, and other high-end jobs, work magic in the harsh marine environment. I’ve now added bright work, teak refinishing, topside deck painting and bottom work to my offerings.

Swab, Inc. offers a superior approach for all your home and boat painting and wood refinishing needs boat and home. Our method is proven to work and uses all natural linseed oil products and other fine, natural, marine grade varnishes, pine tar and waxes.

Other services we offer include treating and protecting your wooden outdoor furniture, removing and hanging wallpaper, restoring old windows to their original glory and efficiency greater than modern windows.

Products we have for sale include hand-crafted, one-of-a-kind, live edge tables and cheese boards, and small batch organic linseed oil soap!  I developed the soap for my boat work and much more!  The soap is now offered for purchase now on this site please check out the Handmade Liquid Soap page for details also my most recent blog posts have portals to purchase the soap.

Stay safe and wash your hands often!

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